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Thread: Beseler Mounting Board

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    Beseler Mounting Board

    Does anyone know which the catalog number for a Beseler mounting board for a 360 mm Schneider Componon S enlarging lens?

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    Re: Beseler Mounting Board

    Beseler lens boards are easy to find. If the hole is too small, drill it out or take it to a machinist who will do it for a small fee.

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    Re: Beseler Mounting Board

    Will that lens even fit on any Beseler board? I show it as having a 90mm thread size.

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    Re: Beseler Mounting Board

    The manual for the MXT doesn't list lens with FL greater than 150mm. If it will fit on a Besseler board, then will probably be the 8016 lensboard. Besseler has an adapter to 39mm thread (#8373) for the 135mm and 150 Componon-S but I doubt if it would fit on a 360.


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