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Thread: Q: about polarizing filters.

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    Q: about polarizing filters.

    I have some cheap Coleman polaroid sun glasses. When at the angle to cut out reflections, the ones it does pass are blue. As sunglasses and I seem to break up often, I never spend much money on them...and i don't mind the blue reflection artifact.
    I have some in expensive Vvitar and Tiffen camera polarizing filters. They show this blue reflection ever so slightly.
    I have bought B+H and Hoya filters for my DSLR gear (usually UV "lens cap" filters for the hardened glass)...and at 5x the price of Vivitar and Tiiffen filters.

    I have to wonder if there is some unobtanium special construction/material that would make a diff for the polarizing filters. Comments? Please, no strafing runs about the use of polarizing filters themselves. De gustibus non est disputandum and all that.

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    Re: Q: about polarizing filters.

    Polarizers are one area where you get what you pay for. The cheaper varieties will have color casts. It's worth spending the extra money on a higher end filter. I use Singh-Ray.

    If you plan to only use them for LF, you can save some money and buy linear polarizers. If you will also use with a DSLR, you will want to stick with the more expensive circular polarizers.

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    Re: Q: about polarizing filters.

    Have a look at this. You have to look at each filter for colour results and these are circular only.

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