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Thread: Yousuf Karsh photo

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    Yousuf Karsh photo

    Hi All,

    I'm stopping by for some information on a photo that belonged to my grandfather for many years. This is a photo of Dwight D Eisenhower as a 5 star general. It was taken by Yousaf Karsh. It is about the size of a piece of paper may a bit larger. That's all I know about it other than I know it was given to my grandfather in the early 50's at a Naval Officer's Club in Southern California ( San Diego area). It is also signed "to" someone "from" someone on the back of the frame. I can't make out the signatures.

    I hope I'm in the right place but is this worth anything?

    I'll post pic's of it in a few.

    Thanks for any help from a photography know nothing although I do have a 80's Nikon N2020 camera


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    Re: Yousuf Karsh photo

    You should take the photo to an appraiser familiar with photography.
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    Re: Yousuf Karsh photo

    Google is your friend! Here is one source:

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    Re: Yousuf Karsh photo

    Speaking of Karsh photos, if you are ever in Santa Fe, NM make it a point to visit the Georgia O'Keefe museum there. No only will it be a treat to see many of her paintings, but also in one of the galleries you will be treated to a very large (24 x 30 or 30 x 40) B & W portrait of O'Keefe by Karsh. She is sitting in her wood shed, and there are some elk antlers in the background. The door is barely open and a shaft of light shines through. It is, at least to me, one of the finest black and white portraits I have ever seen.

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    Re: Yousuf Karsh photo

    We are not really allowed to value nothing on this forum, but if it is a print made by Yousaf Karsh it is worth a lot of money. If it is just a print of a Karsh photo it may be worth nothing. Only an expert photo appraiser can help you.

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