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Thread: Best screen in 5x7

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    Re: Best screen in 5x7

    Quote Originally Posted by jnanian View Post
    and works as well as waxed paper, which is what i have also used ...

    hahaha - I shot a 7x17 for years with a wax paper GG

    eventually..I graduated to picture frame glass sprayed with 'dulling' spray

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    Re: Best screen in 5x7

    Quote Originally Posted by kleinbatavia View Post
    Whether it is Shen Hao or something else beats me. However, I get nowhere with the standard screen fitted on my SH HZX57. The image is dim at best, focussing a chore. I shoot various 4X5 systems and never had the urge to replace a screen so far. Whether it be the standard Wista screen, the screen used by Walker or the Sinar fresnel, all work great. As such, I never looked into alternatives. I am not looking to spend a fortune on the screen as I am quite sure I will sell the SH. It is just to heavy and cumbersome to work with. However, I want to give it an honest try. Heck who knows, I may even change my mind if I can see something on the screen...

    Maxwell? Boss? Asian knock-off?
    Maxwell screens are the best but are quite expensive.

    You should at least try an excellent conventional ground glass screen first, and if the Canham that was represented is too expensive, try Steve Hopf.

    Bosscreens use a wax layer between two sheets of glass, and apparently work pretty well, but do NOT leave them in the trunk of your car in hot weather. They state that it will melt above 55 degrees C. I live where I can't avoid the camera sitting in a hot car on occasion, and thus have not been interested in this technology.

    Rick "who eventually spent the money for a Maxwell screen" Denney

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    Re: Best screen in 5x7

    I can personally recommend Steve Hopf. He made custom 5x7 focusing screens for me. I am very happy with the results. Just google his name to find his website. His prices are very reasonable.

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