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Thread: Fort Sill, OK area

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    Fort Sill, OK area

    Anything interesting photographically with Ft. Sill as the staging area for day trips?



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    Re: Fort Sill, OK area

    Wichita Mountains NWR : Buffalo, long horn bovines & boulders. An ancient granite mountain range buried and then unburied. The trails are worth taking: Dog Run, Forty foot hole, The Narrows - especially if it's been raining. Drive to the top of Mount Scott and admire/photograph the boulder "glacier" on the way. Walk to the top of Elk Mountain and spend the day photographing rocks and other things that don't move. Drive to the west of the refuge and read the most blood-curdling historical marker you'll ever see near Cooperton. Continue to the north of the refuge on the scenic by-way and stop at Meers for lunch. Some years, with sufficient rain, the wildflower display is stunning in mid to late May-June. The refuge visitor center is worth a stop as is the museum at the Indian Wars era Ft. Sill - a huge open base with 1870's period buildings and still the US Army's primary artillery training base - with a display of historical artillery pieces including "Atomic Annie" and many days the distant booming of gunnery practice.

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    Re: Fort Sill, OK area

    I'll also echo the Wichita Mts. NWR. The general area is really pretty and quite tranquil. There are a few lakes in the area as well although I am not sure how much water is in them now. Medicine Park is in the shadow of Mt. Scott and has some interesting buildings and history to boot. Lunch at Meers is a treat in and of itself. My wife is from Elgin, OK (up the road 20 min from Lawton) and I have shot around there a few times. I have found the area to be very pretty, especially after an ice storm or snow fall.


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    Re: Fort Sill, OK area

    You will want to check this out if you are going to try and visit on the post. This was being implemented when I was last there, so I do not have any personal experience with it and I do not know how long it will take to complete the background check they were going to require.

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    Re: Fort Sill, OK area

    The site of fort Sill was being on 8th January at 1869. Forth Sill is located in range (of 85 miles) southwest of Oklahoma, Lawton, United States, It was designed by National Historic Landmark. Southern plains were built in India wars, use in installations.I visited this forth to with my friends and enjoy there.

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