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Thread: Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

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    Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

    We're excited to have CA based artist, Educator, and Director of Center for Photographic Art (Ansel's old place), Brian Taylor joining us at the F295 Symposium this year to lead a workshop. He will share his process and technique on using B&W negatives to create full color photographs through the considered use and multiple layers of gum bichromate. The artistic possibilities with this process are endless...

    More here:

    And, see Brian's website here:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Image ©Brian Taylor
    Tom Persinger

    The F295 Historic Process Workbook is now available on Amazon:
    The F295 Historic Process Workbook: 4 Processes, 6 Techniques, 14 Lessons

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    Re: Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

    This is about using one B&W negative and making full color prints from that?

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    Re: Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

    No - digital separation negs from colour original then printed one on top of the other.

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    Re: Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

    Neither of the links work for me...

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    Re: Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

    Late in the 19th century what became the Detroit Publishing Company acquired the expertise and the rights to glass plate negatives of William Henry Jackson. They began publishing Photochrom color images, actual color lithograph prints, from those B&W negatives. In reproduction many of them look magnificent. The Birth of a Century by Jim Hughes has more information and many examples.

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    Re: Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

    You need some kind of tri color separations on black and white film, either in camera using sequential exposures on different sheets, or separated from color chromes in the lab, or produced digitally via scanning and output onto some kind of printing media. There are many possible avenues one can research. Gum printing predates scanners by almost a century.

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    Re: Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

    That's very interesting and I was tempted until I saw that registration for the symposium is required in order to take a workshop. That adds another $150 to the cost.

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    Re: Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

    Gum printing multiple layers from a monochrome negative allows for a full-color image to be built up through selective removal of areas printed in one color followed by another layer of another color (which is removed from a different area of the print). It is very time consuming, but possible.

    Another approach would be to take a monochrome image, digitize it, colorize it in Photoshop, and then print color separation negatives from the manipulated file to print in gum.

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    Re: Multi-color gum from BW Negatives

    Almost three years late to this thread, but just in case anyone ever cares to refer back to Brian Taylor's webpage about tricolor gum bichromate printing, the correct link is (Both links at the top of this thread were broken.)

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