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Thread: Grand Canyon Logistics

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    Re: Grand Canyon Logistics

    A few quick notes:

    * As others have mentioned Tusayan should have some available rooms if nothing is available in the park. My experience as a former resident/worker (Fred Harvey 1991-1992 woot!) is that Maswick or Yavapai lodge are pretty affordable if you can swing in-park accomodations.

    * Mule rides are not as easy as they look. Also, they tend to be booked up more than a year in advance. You might be able to swing a ride on standby, but you've gotta get to Bright Angel at oh-my-god-it's-early and pray.

    * Williams to GCNP via train is a nice alternative. Packages should be available that get you hotel and train.

    * There are absolutely no jeep trails or tours within the National Park boundaries. There might be some in areas outside the park, but you're not really going to see much.

    * Havasupai is wonderful but access is dicey. Access is either by foot or horseback (I believe that there's a helicopter charter that operates, but it's gonna be expensive).

    * Beginning in March, the Hermit Road (formerly known as the West Rim Road) is closed to private vehicles. Free shuttles are provided by the Park service for access to viewpoints along the Hermit Road as well as Hermit's Rest itself.

    * Bring warm clothes and rain gear. Storms can roll in quickly and leave you a frigid soaking mess even when it's not monsoon season.

    I think that cover's the basics. :-)

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    Re: Grand Canyon Logistics

    Quote Originally Posted by Gadfly_1971 View Post
    ...Yavapai lodge...pretty affordable...
    That was then, this is now. The National Park Service recently entered into a separate concession agreement with Delaware North Corporation (DNC) for operation of Yavapai lodge, cutting it out from Xanterra's previous agreement. Apparently as a result of DNC's cost to obtain the new concession, rates at Yavapai are now much higher than they were even very recently. With sufficient advance planning to book accommodations in the village, I'd opt for Kachina or Thunderbird at not a lot greater expense than Yavapai.

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    Re: Grand Canyon Logistics

    Jim, I keep forgetting to mention something that would probably be of great interest to you. Be sure to take the ranger-guided tour (no charge) of Kolb Studio. Last we were there -- also off season -- it was offered once each afternoon. I traded our Colorado land for something similar but lower in New Hampshire because it didn't seem like a good idea to relocate up at 7,700' when elderly. Nonetheless, I'd jump at a chance to move into the Kolbs' residence/darkroom if it were available, despite its similar elevation.

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    Re: Grand Canyon Logistics

    Hi Sal

    Thanks - good suggestion. Not sure I'd want to be in NH right now though. I'm originally from Boston and I have friends there and in NH and they all want to give up and leave - even my 13th generation New Englander friend - you'd think it would be in his blood by now!

    I went to a good talk by one of the geophysics profs at Uof A and she said that the East Coast will be having weather like this or worse for a long time - maybe permanently. Their long term models are also showing Arizona having 100 degree plus weather from March/April through October/November.

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