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Thread: photo editing

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    photo editing

    I have had 4x5 scans done for me and would like to try my hand at editing them before sending to someone to print. Scans are as large as 1.2 Gb but most in 500Mb range. This is just for me so there is no need for production efficiency.
    What laptop might give me the ability to edit without spending more than necessary?

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    Preston Birdwell
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    Re: photo editing


    There are, as I am sure you know, many choices for a laptop. It would help if we had a general idea of what your budget is.

    Keep in mind that a laptop will be more expensive than an equivalently specd desk top, but you'd have to have a monitor if you go the desk top route.

    You would also have to have a way to calibrate the screen, so you'd have to add this in. There's also the question of editing software.

    So, if you could be a little more specific in your needs, that will be helpful.

    Preston-Columbia CA

    "If you want nice fresh oats, you have to pay a fair price. If you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse; that comes a little cheaper."

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    Re: photo editing

    Thank you for reply.
    I would like to keep the PC price under $800. Editing software, etc would be added on to that.

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    Re: photo editing

    I think you might want to decide on the s/w you'll use first. For example, I find Photoshop Elements adequate for me needs. I can do anything I've needed to do on a dated Dell Core2duo laptop. It's slow (and not my first choice) but does work. I don't know if my laptop would be able to handle a full version of Photoshop.

    Amount of memory is important, so consider that in any laptop decision. A SSD is helpful.

    My son uses a more up-to-date and more powerful Dell Precision (M series) for his architectural rendering. He finds it adequate, but still not the equal to a good desktop. My laptop has very limited controls for adjusting screen or an external monitor. I assume the Precision is better, but don't know if good enough for serious photo work.

    In any event, if you're set on a laptop I would look at the "workstation" or "gaming" lines.

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    Re: photo editing

    If you photo editing needs are minimal, consider "" It's free and certainly meets my minimal needs.

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    Re: photo editing

    I would recommend Adobe Cloud, and spend as much money on RAM , pretty big file size you want to work with.

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    Re: photo editing

    For $800, I'd get a $600 ish lenovo laptop, add RAM (helps greatly for larger images), and a screen calibration tool like the Spyder series.

    An external display is very useful for it's higher res and larger size, but you're going to be over budget. If you did editing regularly, you'd choose to invest in a big screen.

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    Re: photo editing

    I do most of my editing on an Asus Zenbook UX31. It was one of the 459,275 options that I could choose from at the time of purchase (about 1 year ago). This question is about as open-ended as "which clothes should I wear to this occasion?" As you may know from conversing with women, any answer is right or they are all wrong, depending on the person who's asking and the mood they're in.

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    Re: photo editing

    Your files are big. Any affordable laptop is a mistake.

    Get a box, get at least 8gb ram. Try the free Adobe tryout software, but don't download until you are ready, or you will burn through your free month.

    For B&W your monitor is less critical. Look for deals on 23" as they are obsolete. I use Asus PRO ART 23" refurbs.

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    Re: photo editing

    Good info. I am getting a laptop to meet other less demanding requirements so I am stuck with laptop for now.
    Thanks for heads up on SSD.

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