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Thread: DOF calculator for a Chamonix

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    Re: DOF calculator for a Chamonix

    Quote Originally Posted by dave_whatever View Post
    And because it's flat and doesn't benefit from the gearing of a knob scale it's much less precise, especially with wide lenses. Not to mention it can be lost, dropped, or forgotten. But each to their own.
    It also compensates for image ratios which many knob types don't and then you get the wrong results. And, you can always download another one. Once you forget it it becomes much more unlikely that you would forget it again.

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    Re: DOF calculator for a Chamonix

    Quote Originally Posted by StoneNYC View Post

    To be honest I don't understand how this works... Wouldn't you need a different scale for each lens?
    It's sort of a sliding scale version of those little scales on SLR lenses.

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    Re: DOF calculator for a Chamonix

    Thanks for all the great input guys! And Bob, thank you for the card. I'm going to try this method out.

    I've only been shooting with a 4x5 for about a year and have found that using a measurable scale takes some of the guess work out of the process. There are so many ways to screw up a shot! Keeping things simple and repeatable are key for me.

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    Re: DOF calculator for a Chamonix

    To ascertain the profundity of field, one needs to first choose what will be considered acceptably sharp.

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