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    new website

    Hi Guys
    A short note to let you know that my new website is up and running at Thanks


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    new website

    steve... thanks for the link. i really enjoyed the website. very clean and easy to navigate and the photos are excellent.

    there were no browse compatibility issues i noticed using netscape, ie, or mozilla.

    nicely done!

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    new website


    Your images are breath taking and beautifully composed. However, the larger clickable photos just don't do justice to your nice images. They look like they were scanned and then sized down and then resized back up and over sharpened. Or maybe you like that stylized look...?..:^) If you want some help, email me...


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    new website

    FYI, the site works well and looks great using the Opera web browser (version 7.54, I think that's the latest.) Really, really fast, too, but then that's a characteristic of Opera.

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    new website

    Good work, Steve, both with the photographs and the site design. Very quick to load from here (though I'm on a high-speed line, it's faster than other sites) and easy to navigate in Netscape 7.1, with no obvious Flash or Java getting in the way. It's also good to see you're offering Ilfochromes.

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    new website

    Steve Hoffman is right. Your large images are 495 pixels wide but you are forcing them to be 550 pixels wide on the webpage which results in strange digital artifacts.

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