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Thread: 4x5 Scanning

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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    The best deal on a V7xx is the refurbished units from the clearance center at the online Epson Store. Stock varies daily so they can be hard to find in stock. As of this morning, the V700 is $415.00 with free fast shipping (the V7xx and V8xx still use the same optic system). I have a number of customers who have had good luck with these. When there has been an issue, Epson has done express swapping of the bad units. No affiliation with Epson. Just passing along what has been a good deal for others.


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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Fisher View Post
    I have a number of customers who have had good luck with these.
    I'm one of them, a refurbished 4990 for $279 plus free shipping.

    It looked new.

    The refurbished V700 currently for $415 is a good deal.

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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Fisher View Post
    When there has been an issue, Epson has done express swapping of the bad units.
    This was my experience. A few years ago I bought a refurbished V700 from Epson. Worked great for a few months, then refused to scan. After a call to Epson service where they suggested a number of things to try with no avail, they sent another refurbished unit. The replacement has worked well ever since.


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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    Quote Originally Posted by andred2809 View Post
    You should do subcontract work Adam �� anywhere near co Durham? ��

    Where did you find the drum scanner Adam, EBAY or ?

    In the mean time I have bought a used Epson 4990, which I have read gives v similar results to the 7** range, so worst case I will use it to proof colour negs in order to decide which ones I either want scanning at digilab or drum scanning. A guy in the UK does it at a reasonable price(tim Parkin), though I am an 80's child techno geek so having a go at drum scanning ain't off the table, though all the ones I've managed to find have been in the mid thousands ''s not hundreds.
    Yeah, it was on ebay. It was a bit of a gamble as the listing didn't have much detail and I couldn't test it. I figured at the price Tim charges for scans if I got 15 scans out of it it'd pay for itself. Well I've had well over a hundred now so even if it dies tomorrow the price per scan is pretty good.

    I do subcontract scanning but don't really advertise it. In Sheffield so not far away, but Tim would be closer.

    I was surprised how easy using the scanner is. A little tricky setting up, but the actual scanning is easy. Should be, I think they were 35k new!

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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    Yeah I agree; I think the best place to get a used drum scanner is probably from a printing or graphics company, because you can get a whole kit and not just the scanner. There are a lot of other things you need, as you can see in this video.

    I recently bought a Howtek 4500 (4000 dpi drum scanner) from a local printing company that was going out of business. It was very fortunate timing and I figured I'd better just jump on it - how often would the opportunity come up? Not often I'm sure.

    For a flat $1000, I got the scanner, cables, SCSI card, drum mounting station, three drums, many rolls of tape (Kami/Tesa/gaffers), lots of Aztek wipes and mylar, and about ten bottles of Kami drum cleaner/drum mounting fluid/film cleaner, some spare parts, spare light bulbs, multi-roll tape dispenser, and a relatively recent version of Aztek's Digital Photo Lab (DPL) on a CD, with the dongle (a USB stick that you need to run the software, a copy-protection gimmick). I also got a demo of how to use it, while it was still set up, from their employee who had been drum scanning for many years.

    I did the same math as Adam - it wasn't much more expensive than an Epson + a mounting station, and it should "pay for itself" after a couple dozen scans. There is a local company that does flatbed scans for $15 per 4x5 and another that charges by the megabyte. Even at $15/scan, it's paid back after 67 scans.

    If I had Tim scan them at 4000 dpi, using the current exchange rate, that's $38/scan. Which is actually pretty cheap, when you look at other drum scanning services in the U.S. They range from $95/scan to $135/scan to $200/scan (all at 4000dpi). Many more charge by the megabyte, and a 4x5 4000dpi scan can be well over a gigabyte of data, so with most pricing schedules you're looking at $100+/scan.

    So if you want to scan more than a few frames, and you have the time and space for it, that used drum scanner starts to look like a pretty good deal!

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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    Bargain!!! How much room have you got Andy?

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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    Hi guys

    I have an Epson V800 especially for 4x5 negatives and ...I don't understand how the negative should be installed in holder. See the holder picture attached. Should the film be placed OVER the sides "A" ? I did so and on the scanned file the long sides of the scanning file have light leak...

    4x5 holder

    Attachment 127804

    scanned picture

    Attachment 127805

    thanks !

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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    Quote Originally Posted by andred2809 View Post
    Hi Folks,

    I am in the market to buy my first scanner, only for 4x5 colour neg and slide.

    The Epson 7***/V800/V850 will both fit in my budget, but I wanted to pick your brains prior to purchasing.

    The only photography I shoot is Landscapes where I require as much front to back sharpness as I can get from the scan. Obviously I understand that for my 'favourite' images I will be heading to my drum scanning lab, what I am talking about here is the rest of the stuff.

    Is the flatbed scanner my only option here for the price range?
    Do people prefer other brands rather than the Epson?

    Are there any sites or even this forum where I can download some hi-rez files from flatbed scans to look at myself in PS? or any kind 4x5 shooters that would let me have a look at some of there raw files?

    thanks in advance,

    I prefer Microtek over anything Epson makes. Negatives are scanned by transmission rather than by reflection. There is no glass between the negative and the imaging light or sensor.

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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    I have an older Microtek 1800F that does a really good job with my 4x5's. The holder does a great job keeping the film tight and flat.

    If you find one used, be advised that neither Microtek or the makers of Silverfast have drivers for Windows 7 64 bit, so you'll have to use VueScan, which works just fine. I don't know about Mac.
    Preston-Columbia CA

    "If you want nice fresh oats, you have to pay a fair price. If you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse; that comes a little cheaper."

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    Re: 4x5 Scanning

    I've never used any staining developers, opting instead for HC-110 as a standard soup. My workflow is analog-to-digital; my negatives are always scanned. With this in mind, is a staining developer worth trying?


    Large format scanning services

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