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Thread: Epson F-3200

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    Epson F-3200

    Today I ordered an Epson F-3200 film scanner, and it will be delivered in the beginning of december. A 4x5" film-scanner for about 1000 USD (at least that is the price in Norway), and the rumours says it performs well.Has anyone of you tried this scanner?
    Best regards,
    Eirik Berger

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    Epson F-3200

    Hi Eirik,

    I have been using a F-3200 for a few weeks here in Tokyo for 4*5 scans. I am reasonnably happy about the beast. It was by the way much cheaper here, I spent less than 500 US$ for it.

    You might want to check this thread for some first feeback:

    Best regards,

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    Epson F-3200

    Less than $ 500,- (thatīs about EUR 400,-) sounds like a real bargain. About EUR 700,- excl. VAT here in Austria or Germany.
    I saw the F-3200 at the Photokina in Cologne, but can not say anything about scan quality. The guy from Epson seemed not to know very much about it and they had no samples.
    I bought the Canon 9950F (EUR 350,- net) a few days ago and my first impressions are very positive. Itīs far(!) better than the old 9900F, which Iīve used so far. No problems described at at all...
    As many others here Iīm looking forward seeing some 100% crops from Bernardīs F-3200 ...


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    Epson F-3200

    Rainer --

    Regarding the Canon 9950F, "no problem at all" doesn't quite capture the flavor of Vincent Oliver's photo-i review. You might want to relook at it. He has posted a notice that he "abandoned" the review because the scanner didn't work. He tried three units and came up with the same problem each time (it is detailed on the last page of the review). Hopefully Canon will work out whatever the hangup is and then maybe that model will be a contender.

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    Epson F-3200


    Maybe my diction was mistakable.

    Vincent had problems, I had none. My 9950F works perfectly so far.

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    Epson F-3200

    You might like to check out my review of the F-3200 before parting with your cash

    Have a great Christmas

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