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Thread: Affordable Jobo Source

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    Re: Affordable Jobo Source

    Thank you all for your input. I guess I will keep my eye out for used tanks for sale. Thanks to work and school, I most likely won't have time to shoot any film until the end of the year anyways At least this annoyance will give me ample time to acquire one of these beauties...

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    Kevin Kolosky
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    Re: Affordable Jobo Source

    You could use the BTZS tubes.

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    Re: Affordable Jobo Source

    eh? 2523 with reel for 4x5 is about 170$ new on auction site even right now. Get yourself a rotary base for another 20-40 and you good to go (or you can rotate on edge of kitchen table by hand as i do when i am in Russia). Thats all you need for b&w. For color - yes, you might want the whole thing, but there are still deals

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