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Thread: leica 5x focusing loupe

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    leica 5x focusing loupe

    I have the oportunity to buy a second hand leica 5x focusing loupe last version,
    is it a good option for ground glass focusing ?

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    leica 5x focusing loupe

    5x is the perfect strength for this purpose. And Leica optics are the world's best. The only reason we all don't have one is the price (for a new one).

    My advice: go for it!

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    leica 5x focusing loupe

    Looks like it is more suited for slides on the light table than viewing the ground glass. Might be a bit tough viewing in the corners given the profile. That said, the optics are certainly good enough.

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    leica 5x focusing loupe

    I have one and I like it on the light table, but I chose to buy a cheaper, lighter and smaller one for focusing on the ground glass. The glass of the loupe sits close to the surface of the ground glass, rather than recessed like my Wista loupe. I'm just too cautious to use it regularly in the field because I think I will scratch the glass or drop it or something.

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    leica 5x focusing loupe

    Then you can save some money.

    " Macromax you need to know that it consists of a four element optical system, helicoid mounted eyepiece with +-2 dioptre correction and frosted diffuser. When Leica decided to bring out a loupe of their own, they acquired the rights to manufacture the Macromax."

    Just look for the EMO-Wetzlar version.

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