I've got a crowdfunding project up for an art project. Some of you may already be aware of my 8x10 portraits with x-ray film. This portrait work led me to photograph my first celebrity, George Takei when he came to Korea back in May. I'm looking to put together my first photobook and will need some finacial help with it. As I'm overseas, I'm looking to have this book printed in low volume on a printing press here in South Korea, as opposed to using a service like Blurb.

For those of you that collect art, I'm offering a limited edition 8x10 contact print of George Takei on 11x14 Ilford MGFB Classic paper. I will only ever print one edition of 10 contact prints of this image. At the moment of this posting, 7 of 8 are up for grabs. If other prints will be made, they will be enlargements, most likely digital if a gallery or museum would ever be interested in the print. There is one 40x50 inch fine art inkjet print of this in existence and is currently on exhibit in Ulsan, South Korea.

If you're a fan of my portraits, you can also pre-order the book. The book will include past, present, and future portraits made until 2015. There is no telling who I will be able to photograph in 2015. I'm hoping the Takei portrait will lead to other prominent people that I can include in the book.

I'll be very grateful if you would help pledge towards this project, but also if you can help spread the word out about my work to your social media circles.

Thanks in advance for your help!


The Kickstarter link is here:

My blog with the behind the scenes: http://leesmathersphotography.wordpr...own-portraits/

8x10 camera portrait gigantic enlargement of George Takei up in Ulsan, Korea at Gallery MOIM. Show opens tonight at 5pm! #8x10 #Korona #GeorgeTakei #filmsnotdead #believeinfilm #largeformatphotography by Lee Smathers, on Flickr
George Takei on exhibit in Ulsan, Korea

Processing film that of portraits that were taken during the exhibition opening. #galleryMOIM #anglemagazine #largeformatphotography #darkroom by Lee Smathers, on Flickr
During a recent exhibition of my portraits, I took new portraits of people and processed the film in a makeshift darkroom as a sort of educational performance art.