A number of members requested clarification of how the forum defines "LF" - essentially, what image formats are allowed to be posted, and where, on the forum. After considerable discussion among the moderators and the forum owner, we have changed the FAQ as follows:

A. What is the Large Format Photography Forum all about? - The purpose of the forum is to provide a place for discussion of topics of particular interest to large format photographers. We especially encourage questions which will help build a repository of knowledge about the tools and techniques of large format photography. Commonly accepted definitions base large format photography on 4"x5" and larger sheet film, regardless of the style of camera being used. This is the definition we will use. We would also consider a digital back with a nominal sensor size of 4"x5" or larger to be LF, as well, regardless of technology.

Over time, these definitions and boundaries have changed. The current definition was established in September, 2014. Prior threads that no longer fit this definition will be moved to the appropriate forum only if new postings are made within them.

B. How is the LF Forum organized?
LF-related Forums
. . .
Image Sharing (LF) & Discussion - Post your own large-format images (based on 4"x5" or larger format) for sharing and discussion. Critiques should only be offered if requested by the original poster.

Image Sharing (Everything Else) & Discussion - Post your own images of other formats and types here for sharing and discussion. All rollfilm formats (rolls less than 4" wide) and medium-format digital formats belong here, regardless of camera used. Critiques should only be offered if requested by the original poster.

You will note that this adds a sub-forum in the LF-related section for posting and discussion of images that are not "LF" as we define it. This should resolve the confusion created by our previous policy of "grandfathering" certain formats that weren't really "LF" but shared the LF working style based on the camera being used.