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Thread: MOD 45 developing

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    MOD 45 developing

    I have started using the MOD 45 for developing my 4x5 negs rather than the Combi Plan tank. I am getting scratches on the non-emulsion side of the film where the "fingers" of the unit holds the film in 2 places. This MOD 45 is NOT the previous hard plastic model. I took the soft side of an emory board and carefully sanded down the insides of the fingers. Then I took some old film and "reprocessed" it in water only. I eliminated one of the scratches, but have a new one (very slight), and still have the one of the original scratches, although not as bad as before sanding. Has anybody solved this problem? BTW, I do not aggressively agitate the tank for fear of the film coming loose.

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    MOD 45 developing

    Quote Originally Posted by steve hartsfield View Post
    Has anybody solved this problem?
    The only way I found to solve the problem was to stop using the mod54, doing so also solved my problem of the film becoming dislodged despite vary gentile agitation.

    The concept of the mod54 is good but anything that holds film the way the mod54 does will have similar problems.

    I how develop my film in trays with no issues.

    The only good use I found for the mod54 is to hold film while washing. I load my already developed film on it place it in the paterson tank and with the lid off I put it in the sink and use a hose attachment with the end of the hose in the center column tube then turn the water onto a low level and let it wash.
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    Re: MOD 45 developing

    I have never had a problem using mine. I am using the original.


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    Re: MOD 45 developing

    I use my MOD 54 regularly and have never had film get scratched or fall out of the slots while developing.

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