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If we're talking about the 2x3, this is the last version of the Tech V 23b, and the knob on the upper right of the front standard is the knob for the front rise. The two knobs on the top of the body are for the rear tilt, and there should a knob on each side toward the bottom as well to release the bottom rear corners, but the photo is a little too blurry to tell. I have the earlier version of the Tech V 23b, which is identical to this one, except it has the tan leatherette, rather than the black.

Thanks for all the great info, people. I may well be selling one or both of these gems when I have sorted through the boxes and boxes of photographic stuff that I have acquired. There's at least 2 more LF cams, and I can't keep it all- no room, no bucks, no time to use it all! One's a nice old Tele Graflex, and the other is an Orbit monorail. Stay tuned!