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Thread: Replacement Tripod Recommendation

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    Re: Replacement Tripod Recommendation

    Why not buy a Ries wooden tripod? Many use them and the last. The service is excellent.

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    Re: Replacement Tripod Recommendation

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I'm specifically looking for something that is lightweight, will travel well, and isn't ridiculously expensive ($500 max, preferably in the $400 range). It needs to be able to hold about 15 pounds reliably, maybe a bit more if I need to weight it down. I'm thinking a medium sized carbon fiber tripod with 3 segments. I had been thinking the Induro CT-113, but now I'm thinking of moving up to the CT-213. Ideally it wouldn't have a center column (I don't ever have use for one), but beggars can't be choosers.

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    Re: Replacement Tripod Recommendation

    After more than a year with an Induro CT213, I can't recommend it highly enough. Thoroughly satisfied with it, I wouldn't hesitate to put a studio-style heavy 4x5 monorail on it. I can see it handling a mid-weight 5x7 no problem, either. It isn't available as a flat top, but the short column is featherweight and I'm still hoping for some aftermarket option like the tripod hubs Markins makes for the comparable Gitzo models. Induro has released a line equivalent to the Gitzo systematic line, but I'm not sure if any of those are light enough for your needs. Worth a look, anyway.

    If you have any specific questions I can help with, feel free to ask them here (for the sake of the archives) or shoot me a message.

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