Here is a n00b question but I think others might gain some benefit.
I live in an area where chemicals are none existent. The local shop has old supplies of fixers and developers but she does not have a wetting agent (Photo-Flo). The few B&W batches I have processed have been with D-76, a wash for the stop, rapid fixer, and about an hour of washing. Yes I skipped the hypoclear and wetting agent. Momma raised a bad boy. The water here is heavy with lime.

With the hour washing and no post fix chems what issues will come up? I have been reading about wetting agents from house hold items like a odorless dishwashing detergent, brand name omitted. In the soil physics laboratory we used to use a chemical called hexametaphosphate to disperse the soil particles and remove organic matter. It is a dispersant agent that used to be common in most detergents until it was found that phosphorus is responsible for most algal blooms degrading water quality. The old timers referred to hexametaphosphate as Clagon, the dishwasher detergent.

What wetting agents do you use, if any.