I would like to tap into the collective wisdom of this very informative group for information on three recent acquisitions.

They are three shutterless Carl Zeiss Jena Protars, all in excellent condition, details as follows:
Protar 1:18 f=32cm 341102
Protar 1:18 f=14cm 341081
Protar 1:18 f=8.5cm 340946

I am interested to know if anyone can let me know the approximate age of these? Also their format coverage - my guess is quarter-plate but correct me if I'm wrong. I am also assuming that they would not necessarily ever have been used with a mechanical shutter, but again I hope someone may enlighten me. Any other information about them would also be most welcome.

Their provenance is that they were once owned by the noted English landscape and architectural photographer Edwin Smith (1912-1971).

Thanks in advance,