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Thread: Sinar Expolux Power converter

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    Sinar Expolux Power converter

    Anybody got a Sinar Expolux Power converter for sale or know where I can get my hands on one. (Sinar no longer make this item)

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    Re: Sinar Expolux Power converter

    For those who are looking for more information about the Sinar Expolux Power Converter, e.g. supported batteries, the following text is from a rare Sinar product catalog.

    Expolux voltage converter for mains-independent use of the Expolux shutter system. Converts 12 VDC into the operating voltages required for the Expolux system. Depending on the load, an autonomy of 5 - 10 hours with at least 250 exposures is possible. The operating time depends on the intensity of the backlight and the condition of the lead battery. A standard 12 V lead battery simply can be attached to the converter (no tools required). A charge level indicator provides information about the operating status of the battery.
    If the Expolux shutter system is in a waiting position for more than 5 minutes, the power supply is automatically switched off (except when a film cassette is inserted). It is switched on again by pressing the shutter release button or the menu button or by inserting the film cassette.

    The battery is not included in the scope of delivery ( type Panasonic LCR 12 V 6.5P, Elpower EP 1260-26 or equivalent ).

    I have uploaded Sinar Expolux related (English/German) manuals to:
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