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Thread: No lab that can handle sheet film on Maui

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    Re: No lab that can handle sheet film on Maui

    Sorry, you're right about Kaimuki Camera. Misinformation corrected above. The one that closed was the one down the block from them, called "Imageworks." They were the ones who stocked film, used film cameras, and supplied the university darkrooms when they were up and running. Kaimuki Camera is still in business.

    Lighthaus on O'ahu, which is a five minute walk from my apartment, doesn't stock film last I checked, but they have some used film cameras in the shop.

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    Re: No lab that can handle sheet film on Maui

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon - HP Marketing View Post
    why would they change chemistry daily rather then replenish at the proper time?
    In this case they didn't replenish the chemistry, until the results were far from desirable. The sad thing is I saw worst from Walmart, and 2 other chain stores come in and although I did my best to improve peoples photos I still couldn't come up with results I was happy with. It should be noted, I may be more fussy than the average person, which is possibly what brought me to the world of Large Format.

    Although I don't really expect a lab to replace their chemistry daily, I don't want them to pretty much ruin my film either.
    The one I plan on using when I send my colour work off does and I am certian that I will see the difference. He works in the motion picture industry, and develops film on the side, so I imagine he wants the best results possible.

    Oh, the one chain I have never seen bad results from is Costco. However I do not believe that Costco Canada develops any film now.

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    Re: No lab that can handle sheet film on Maui

    I'm over on Kauai and found Ray on Oahu ( Just got my setup so havent been able to send him any film yet. Only bw up to 8x10. Let me know if you get a hold of him!

    "You never know just how you look through other people's eyes"

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    Re: No lab that can handle sheet film on Maui

    Paul,, bring some polaroid ,, I noticed freestyle has some 8x10" off brand maybe they can help with 4x5.. If this has already been mentioned then sry..

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