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I'm tempted to tear a hole in my roof. For indoor work you can't beat a large north skylight because that makes it closer to outdoors (assuming your glass doesn't absorb UV).

In an attempt to mimic that kind of lighting I purchased a 4' square, 16-bulb T5 fluorescent fixture (Quantum "Bad Boy") and filled it with 54w actinic aquarium lamps. I get manageable exposures (3-8 seconds in the f/5.6-f/8 range) with it at portrait distances. Cost was about a grand.

I also have a Speedotron 9600ws quad light that allows for a one-pop exposure in the f/5.6 - 8 range as it drains two 4800 Blackline packs, but I prefer the continuous lighting.

As mentioned before, your best option is probably clear north skylight outside in open shade if that fits your vision.
Dang.. how far away from the subject is the softbox?

I have a 72" Larson starfish and I get f8, f11 at 1200ws - I stick it pretty close to the subject though