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Thread: Portrait Lens for Graphic View II?

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    Re: Portrait Lens for Graphic View II?

    look for a 10" tele optar .. the often times can be found in an alphax shutter
    and thet are a sleeper of a lens. pleasing wide open and contrasty+sharp if you like that stopped down if you enjoy thst sort of thing.
    ive one in a barrel and use it on a speeder .. ... and the barrels are cheaper if you want to pony up a shutter ...

    enjoy your coffee

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    Re: Portrait Lens for Graphic View II?

    Wet plate is pretty slow, no? A barrel lens using a loose leather lens cap will work fine up to about 1 second, faster than that would kind of be a guess. Then, again, the sensitivity of wet plate you brew up yourself will be kind of up for debate and you most likely will be developing by inspection. (You watch the plate as it develops and pull it out when it is 'done'. Not done much with modern, panchromatic films but it used to be a regular way of life for LF shooters in the old days.)

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    Re: Portrait Lens for Graphic View II?

    There is some good advice here so far.
    I have a GV I, and although I haven't tried my only 300, a Rodenstock 300mm apo ronar on it I don't think it would make a good combination. There just isn't enough bellows length to blur the background.
    Whereas a 210mm is beautiful on it.

    The Alphax shutter John mentioned is a sweet self cocking unit (just push the shutter button, nothing else to fiddle with) and I have read one of the most reliable shutters made. However a Packard shutter, and barrel lenses would sure make it one beautiful camera.

    I can use my 90mm on mine, focused to infinite, however I don't have enough bellows pulled out for any useful movements. If you do a lot of wide angle work you're most likely going to need a recessed lens board for it.

    Although I rarely touch my GV, I am probably starting wet plate photography soon, and it's probably the camera I'll be using until I find the right 5x7.
    They are well made, have all the movements you really need, and even look good. What more could you want?

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