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Thread: Ebay lens...

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    Ebay lens...

    Anyone know what this was ACTUALLY used for? The guy says it is a 4x5 camera lens, but without a shutter?!? I would accept it if it was a lens from te 1880's or so...

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    Ebay lens...

    It covers 4x5". It could have been intended for cameras with a focal plane shutter like the Speed Graphic.

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    Ebay lens...

    I have a 210 Symmar in a very similar barrel. It came on a top-hat Sinar lensboard to use in front of the Norma-era Sinar shutter. I would guess this was intended for similar use.

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    Ebay lens...

    Many of the Super Angulon 65 of this era are made for the size 00 shutter which is now obsolete. If the threads on the lens cell are 25mm it is 00. If they are 29mm it is 0. Either way it would go into it's correct shutter with no machining. You just have a lot less options if it is 00.

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