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Thread: Looking Glass Magazine

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    Looking Glass Magazine

    Looking Glass Magazine publishes cutting edge photography by contemporary film photographers, and exceptional writing about the craft we love.

    June/July, 2014: Domenico Foschi, Austin Granger, Robert Langham III, Andrew Sanderson, Scott Stillman, Amanda Tomlin

    Behold the launching of Looking Glass Magazine, a publication featuring the many faces of film photography. We’ll bring you work both traditional and controversial, innovative and touching, bold and inventive, and yet always inspiring and provocative. You’ll find work by artists who are well known alongside those whose names are unfamiliar (with links to see more of their work) in addition to regular features such as letters to the editor, and the ever-popular Tales from the Lens. Best of all, a one year subscription will set you back just $19.95. Or, if you prefer, purchase individual issues for $3.50 each. When you subscribe, your money helps pay the artists who make up each issue of Looking Glass. We’re looking forward to a long future of bringing you new work in this very old medium, made fresh again and again by generations of photographic artists.

    Editor in Chief: Amanda Tomlin
    Publisher: Laura Campbell

    Learn more about Looking Glass at our website and preview our inaugural issue.

    Looking Glass Magazine web site:

    Magazine Kiosk:

    Amanda and I are mighty grateful for the encouragement and help we received in launching Looking Glass Magazine. Thank you so much for your support. Hugs. - LC

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    Re: Looking Glass Magazine

    I jumped in. It looks really good Laura.

    at age 70:
    "The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep"

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    Re: Looking Glass Magazine

    Thank you, Kirk!

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    Re: Looking Glass Magazine

    Laura, this is great. I'll get on board!

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    Re: Looking Glass Magazine

    Yay! Thank you, Jim!

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    Re: Looking Glass Magazine

    The first 16 pages of the inaugural issue of Looking Glass Magazine can be previewed here:

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    Re: Looking Glass Magazine

    I'm in for a full year!


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    Re: Looking Glass Magazine

    Awesomeness, Roger! Thank you!

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    Re: Looking Glass Magazine

    I subscribed for a year. Keep up the good work!


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    Re: Looking Glass Magazine

    Laura and Amanda, have been working on this idea for a while and I am so glad that is finally up and done. I look forward to see what will happen next. I know that Laura has been really been working hard to make this e-zine the best she can. Lord knows the number of e-mails and calls we have had. I wish both Laura and Amanda the best of luck in this venture and the rest of their project, there will be more to come. So, get you copies, she has some real surprises for future issues. Oh and I am in.


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