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Thread: Trust BGN at KEH?

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    Trust BGN at KEH?

    Opinions, experiences with actually buying low end rated gear? I've had great KEH experiences but am nervous dropping 600-800 bucks on bargain rated glass.

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    Dave Karp
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    Re: Trust BGN at KEH?

    I recently purchased two micro 4/3 lenses from KEH, both rated BGN. I can't figure out what caused the low rating. No scratches, dents, dings, scuffs, etc., whatsoever. Glass is clean.

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    Tim from Missouri

    Re: Trust BGN at KEH?

    Buy and don't worry. I've made dozens of purchases from them over many years, nothing higher than bargain, and have usually gotten items that I would have rated at excellent plus. Besides, you've got a long warranty period, plenty of time for glitches to make themselves known, so you are well protected. By the way, they also have a very good repair department.
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    Re: Trust BGN at KEH?

    In my experience some BGN stuff is truly bargain (which I usually return), while other BGN stuff (probably >70%) is so conservatively graded that I'm genuinely surprised (and happy) that KEH would sell it so cheaply.
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    Re: Trust BGN at KEH?

    Not a bad idea inspecting it then returning if any issues arise. Now... The age old question, lens or a scanner. Only enough coin for one

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    Re: Trust BGN at KEH?

    I have also bought higher grades and gotten NOS.

    It all depends, as they move more used photo gear than anyone.

    They seem to know what they are doing and they do a great service to those of us who are very happy to buy an excellent new car after depreciation.

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    Re: Trust BGN at KEH?

    Over the years I have purchased about 30 cameras and lenses from KEH and only one had to be returned; which they did without any trouble.

    Most were Ex or Ex+ and in many cases they could have been new.

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    Re: Trust BGN at KEH?

    lenses are cheap. Get one that works, and buy the expensive scanner.

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    Re: Trust BGN at KEH?

    I just bought a Bronica SQ-A kit from them. The 80mm lens was the highest rated at BGN. The 120 back was UGL, as was the body and finder. Everything works fine. The lens glass is pristine. They have a stellar reputation for a reason. If you don't like it, send it back. How can you beat that.


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    Re: Trust BGN at KEH?

    Buying bargain grade works for some folks. If it doesn't work for you please don't come back later with complaints, though. There is an inherent risk being taken when buying bargain grade equipment.

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