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Thread: More questions on tintype images...

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    Re: More questions on tintype images...

    You can order Quinn's books that he uses in his workshops off of amazon.

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    Re: More questions on tintype images...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pixeldawg View Post

    I've actually done that, and requested membership, but have not gotten a response from them. Been about a week...
    If you PM me your Facebook info I'll invite you to a wet-plate group that I help admin.

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    Re: More questions on tintype images...

    The problem with trying to learn from a facebook group, or even a forum like, is you get 5 different answers to any question. Some of the people answering are hacks, who have only done wetplate a few months. Some have never done wetplate. Take anything from an unknown source with a grain of salt. If you learn wetplate from a known source, and not a committee of strangers, you'll do better.

    Good luck with a wonderful adventure! I've been shooting almost 8 years, and it's a lifestyle.

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    Re: More questions on tintype images...

    Hey, PixelDawg...long time no see !

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    Re: More questions on tintype images...

    Sorry I am so late in responding to some of these posts. Great information and Ideas! I appreciate your thought and interest! AND Mr. Fujicaman!!! How are you? Haven't seen or heard from you since the POP Photo forums! I'm living in Hoover, Alabama now and will PM you my contact info. If you're in the area, stop by!

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