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Thread: Minolta vs. Sekonic Spot Meters

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    Andrew "The RedSun"
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    Minolta vs. Sekonic Spot Meters

    Minolta M or F vs Sekonic 508 or newer spot meters.

    I understand that Minolta no longer makes or services the light meters and they will eventually die some day. Also I understand that the Sekonic has both spot and incident/reflective capabilities.

    The main advantage of Minolta over Sekonic is the large lens and the clear viewfinder or screen. It is very comfortable to look through the lens. The Sekonic is even heavier. The additional metering is nice, but not necessary for LF. I do not need the flash metering.

    Anything else I should consider in the selection?

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Minolta vs. Sekonic Spot Meters

    I've never owned a Sekonic, but when I had a Spotmeter F it was factory calibrated exactly the same as my Pentax digital spotmeters. I prefer the Pentax for how
    fast it is to read the dial rather than punching buttons. But the Spotmeter F is a bit smaller, uses a more common battery, and sells a bit cheaper. A very nice instrument indeed. I wouldn't worry about service. There are plenty of these meters in use, and somebody like Quality Light Metric in LA can recalibrate them if needed. Of course, when he eventually retires, somebody else will need to pop up. But Hollywood still uses a lot of light meters... so go figure.

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    Re: Minolta vs. Sekonic Spot Meters

    I have a Minolta autometer IV f and the 9 deg spot attachment. I have had it since the mid 1990s and its been pretty good. It has a port that takes the cable from a Ainar booster-1 focal plane probe.

    I would like to get a current model Sekonic 1 deg spot, but I'd rather buy film.
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: Minolta vs. Sekonic Spot Meters

    Bumping this so I don't have to see that KEH thread any longer on the main page.

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    Re: Minolta vs. Sekonic Spot Meters

    I replaced my old Pentax Digital Spot meter with a new Sekonic 758-DR meter. It is still a 1 degree spot meter, but with the added incident meter and Pocket Wizard radio transmitter. At the time I bought it I was only doing reflected spot metering with no intention of doing otherwise, but since then I have been doing projects that needed spot metering and even tabletop with strobes. I have one meter to do it all and no regrets. I grew into the meter. Point is, you don't know what you may want to photograph in the future, so use the tools that you like, but give yourself room to grow.

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