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Thread: Bosscreen and others recomendation

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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    After reading some contradictory rumours, I have tried to communicate several times (via fax and email) with the Bosscreen manufacturers without success. Stabitech looks dead.

    Now I have re-installed on my DLC45 the original Canham GG (the earlier one), that I find too dark but easier to focus.

    I donīt know what to do:

    1. To look for a removable spare fresnel (plastic or glass, Where could I find it?) and use it only for composing with wider lenses, taking it off for focusing,

    2. To be practical and buy a Maxwell or still looking for a Bosscreen (Beatties are not into consideration),

    3. To sacrifice brightness and continue moving my head around the back of my camera.

    The only thing I really know is that I want the thinner grained non-plastic GG to focus with a 6x-8x accurately. My eyesight force me to do it. (I am even thinking to made my own super fine grained GG). Any recommendation?

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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    Hi Jose

    Have a look at tha Satin Snow homepage:
    I don't have one now but I readed many good comments on APUG.Org

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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    I think the BOSS Screen is alive and well but the website seems to be down. It is:

    I had an email excange with them just a few weeks ago to order a screen for my Ebony. Bromwell Marketing, which imports and distributes them inthe US, lists a variety of screens on their website too.

    I have used the BOSS Screen on other cameras and liked it a lot. It will serve your purposes very well as it is nearly grainless. You do need to be carefull in extremes of heat and cold. If you check the archives here you will find extensive discussions.

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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    "Have a look at tha Satin Snow homepage: I don't have one now but I readed many good comments on APUG.Org"

    I have one for 4x5 and on for 8x10 on their way - I'll report back if they are any good
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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    Regarding Stabilux:

    I believe they went bankrupt a year ago. But shortly after they continued as Stabitech. As such their domainname changed too:

    Huib Smeets


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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    I have been trying to contact them at the fax and email from the without reply ( +31 (0) 79 - 3318951 & ). I will try again.

    Thanks for the Satin Snow Glass link. Never hear about them before. Ted, please let us know your opinion about it... a comparison would be so interesting.

    Does anybody use a separate (removable) fresnel with an ordinary GG? Doesnīt be the best solution?

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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    I have tried using the Boss screen, and had bubbles appear just from my camera being in the overhead compartment of a plane. Then I had really big bubbles appear while on a trip to the SW in Oct./Nov. - so when it was not really hot. I liked it so much I got another, and had the same thing happen again. Trying to remelt the wax was unsuccessful. I did like the image it presented, and it was far better than a gg - lot contrastier image.

    I tried a Brightscreen 20/20, and while adequate for 135mm and greater I found it did not work too well with wide angle lenses. I then got a Maxwell and have been extremely satisfied! Very bright, and without the fresnel lines being too evident. I have been using this for several years, and it was no problem focusing when using wide angle lenses in architectural interiors.

    I recently got a Satin Snow to try out, and it is indeed a very finely made screen, with very smooth surface. However, unless used with a fresnel it adds no advantage.

    Hands down, a Maxwell is my favorite, and well worth the cost.



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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    How are made the Maxwells? I supose that is an one piece screen; one side GG, opposite side the fresnel. Isnīt it?

    Plastic or glass?

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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    After reading so many good things about the Satin Snow screen I ordered one, figuring that for $10 plus shipping it would be hard to go wrong. It took about four to six weeks after ordering to arrive. My first problem was that the corners hadn't been cut even though cut corners are offered as an option and I specified cut corners in my order. I decided to try it anyhow just to see how good it was but when I tried to install it I found that it wasn't cut to the proper size and so couldn't be installed on my Master Technika. I sent two e mails about these problems to the guy who runs Satin Snow and never received a response (and, of course, no refund) to either. Based on my experience I'd suggest that this is an outfit to avoid.
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    Bosscreen and others recomendation

    Hi Jose

    I also tried emailing Mr Krosing (Stabitech rep) with no response. Try this url:

    He does however answer the phone on +31 79 3 31 89 55. I called him a few days ago: he's perfectly personable. Of course you may have time difference problems which would explain email/fax but I find the direct (i.e. voice) approach often works if you're prepared to call a little early/late!

    Good luck.

    Ernest Fasanya

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