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Thread: Copal Shutters-Where can I find them?

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    Copal Shutters-Where can I find them?

    I am looking for a good used working Copal O shutter. Does someone know where I might find one? Does anyone stock a variety of shutters alone? Need address or p hone number. I see many lenses advertized in shutters but never shutters alone. Contact:

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    Copal Shutters-Where can I find them?

    Dear Thomas,

    B&H photographics in New York sell mail order Copal shutters. A 'O' costs $179. Don't forget that it will come without aperture markings. You would need a lens technician to do it or send it to the manufacturer. I think this costs around $6 0, but I don't know for sure, you would have to check. Their website is www.bhph

    As for second hand, try or or

    Good luck


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    Copal Shutters-Where can I find them?

    Steve Grimes has advertised his services in View Camera magazine as a photograph er's machinist. He has a website at One of the services he offers is "reshuttering" lenses, mounting barrel lenses in shutters and engr aving aperture scales. A good website, although he has not responded to an e-mai l inquiry I made a couple weeks back.

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    Copal Shutters-Where can I find them?

    Yo tengo un Copal "0" Esta realmente nuevo, Pero necesita cambiar una pieza, exactamente es el chasis de aluminio del diafragma, osea el chasis frontal, el cambiarle la pieza es sencillo o no es problema, pero donde consigo yo esa pieza? Tal vez alguien tenga algun COPAL "0" que tenga roto el mecanismo de velocidad y le interese venderme o comprar el mio que esta nuevo si quieren visita mi web:

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    Copal Shutters-Where can I find them?

    Photocanarias wrote: "I have a Copal 0. It is quite new, but it needs to have a part replaced, the diaphragm's aluminum frame, or the front of the frame. Changing the part is simple, or no problem, but where can I find one? Perhaps someone has a Copal 0 that has a broken timing mechanism and would be interested in selling it to me or buying mine, which is new. If you want to visit my site,"

    I think I got it more or less right, folks, but I'm not sure what the part he needs is.

    Angel, tal vez puede comprar un Copal 0 Press, como era usado en las camaras Polaroid CU-5, DS-34, y DS-39. Creo que sus piezas se cambiaran con elles de son obturador. Las camaras se offrecen frecuentamente en eBay, donde son muy baratas.


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    Copal Shutters-Where can I find them?

    Copal is distributed by RTS in the US. They can help you.

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    Copal Shutters-Where can I find them?

    Copal shutters, both new and used, show up on eBay fairly regularly. The all black versions are newer than those with a chrome ring. "Press" type (self-cocking) types, many of them salvaged from Polaroid equipment or oscilloscope cameras, are much less expensive than the cocking models. Personally, I like self-cocking shutters for use on a camera that will never be hand held.

    To find them, I like to go to eBay U.K., which, unlike the USA eBay, has a photography category. Go to advanced search, any country, and search shutter and shutters.

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