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Thread: Adjusting Beseler 45V-XL spring tension.

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    Adjusting Beseler 45V-XL spring tension.

    I am in the process of converting a 45V-XL into a copy stand. I am just about done, but would like to lessen the spring tension of the carriage. Even with a heavy camera mounted, the carriage still shoots up too easily. Short of adding more weight within the carriage, is there a way to adjust the tension of the coil springs?
    I don't have a manual handy. If there is literature about this particular issue, a link would be appreciated.

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    Re: Adjusting Beseler 45V-XL spring tension.

    I think the usual way is to add weights. Could you use only one spring?

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    Re: Adjusting Beseler 45V-XL spring tension.

    I think it will get cockeyed with one spring. I think you just need to add weight to avoid a camera catapult. As I recall the manual, it just tells you how much weight to particular negative housing/stages, not relative to numerical weights.

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    Re: Adjusting Beseler 45V-XL spring tension.

    A VXL has some flat steel plates on the inside of the head chassis - you could check to see if they have been removed. They were to help balance the load for the different Beseler heads that could be matched to the chassis.

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    Re: Adjusting Beseler 45V-XL spring tension.

    Springs can be replaced with lighter versions.

    Springs can also be weakened by carefully applying heat.

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    Re: Adjusting Beseler 45V-XL spring tension.

    Any way you decide, be really careful with the springs.
    They can really hurt whether it's fingers or jaw.
    I'd think the safest way would be to weight the head.

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