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Thread: Thoughts on Epson 4990 scanner

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    Thoughts on Epson 4990 scanner

    Hi Friends,

    I am looking forward to buy a used Eospn 4990 scanner to scan my 6x6 negs and 4x5 negs.
    The scanned pictures will be printed in digital OHP negatives and then used for contact printing in darkroom for silver gelatin and platinum process.
    Maximum sized prints will be 11x14 .

    What are your thoughts on the 4990 scanner abilities for such prinitng?

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    Andrew "The RedSun"
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    Re: Thoughts on Epson 4990 scanner

    I had one, but did not get chance to use it much. Now I get a newer V750. I use it and I like it. Of course 4990 is much cheaper.

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    Tim Sandstrom
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    Re: Thoughts on Epson 4990 scanner

    The driver for the 4990 has issues under windows 8, doesn't 'see' the entire bed, so
    Better Scanning holders are not very useful, since you don't have a lot of play.
    It's a good scanner for showing things on the web. Though all my work is silver
    now, I have scanned and printed digitally at least once, the results were very nice.
    I keep a windows XP machine [off the net] around just for web scans on my 4990.

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    Re: Thoughts on Epson 4990 scanner


    it is often mentioned in the internet that the scan unit in all the three models 4990, 700 and 750 is identical. However I have never seen an official statement on that.

    The comparison was a topic here:

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