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Thread: 11 x 14 Fuji 64T Transparency Film

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: 11 x 14 Fuji 64T Transparency Film

    Durbin - I'd suggest Ektar for resolving critical shades of brown like occur with mahogany, provided you carefully balance it per color temp meter readings. I can be
    printed on Fuji Supergloss for the same kind of look as Cibachrome. But ideally, you need to know some masking tricks just like Cibachrome, only different tricks. But
    the end result can skunk an inkjet to pieces.

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    Re: 11 x 14 Fuji 64T Transparency Film

    Not sure this is the same exact film? But it might help with testing?

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    Re: 11 x 14 Fuji 64T Transparency Film

    Same film, 64T. Fine for 3200K or 3400K light source. If it's more than about 10 years old and frozen the color balance can be tweaked using PS.

    Stone, 4X5 photomicrography using film was common up to about 2000 and was gradually displaced by video imaging and printing. Lots of microscope discussion on another current thread here, "Optics: resolution versus contrast".

    Nate Potter, Austin TX.

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