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Not all Stoners are failures, some even grow out of it

My father told me, you can drink when you are young or old but not both

I found this inspirational and have

Jesus Just Left Chicago
I gave up alcohol, permanently when I was 57. My job had been "internationalized" I had spent over 5 years training PhDs from China and India how to do my job. Then I and several thousand other Americans were let go (10 years ago this June). I had always lived with the theory to live a paid for life. So I just went home. Spent a couple years drinking beer and watching Netflix. Quit drinking, on my own, I had a very wise woman therapist, she just listened, and would reinforce my good decisions. I was lucky to find a part time job with some fellow castaways, paid well. I retired from it on my own volition 3 years back, still friends with the management. I have been lucky that I have the camera and darkroom hobby. These big old cameras and enlargers have given me a volition that I love.