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Thread: Xtol - torn packaging?

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    William D. Lester
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    Xtol - torn packaging?

    Got a couple of packages of Xtol recently fro BH Photo where I normally order from. There was a slight tear in one package but mixed it up and then thought back to those early days when there was a failure problem and seemed to recall that it was a packaging problem that was blamed for the early failures. I have not yet developed any film with this new batch. Should I discard it? By the way, these packages are made in Germany for Kodak. First time I noticed that. A lot of Ilford chemistry is now being made in Germany as well.

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    Re: Xtol - torn packaging?

    If the solution is clear, then you're OK. If the solution is yellow, it's toast.
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    Re: Xtol - torn packaging?

    Apparently now made by Tetenal. Champion is no longer the supplier. After communicating with Dick Dickerson and Sylvia Zawadzki (inventors of XTOL) two years ago, having concerns about Kodak's future as well as potential teething problems with new suppliers, I laid in a 20-year stock of 5-liter packages. They're stored in some large mylar-aluminum-laminate zipper-closed anti-static bags I had a surplus of, to provide an extra level of oxygen/humidity protection. Dick and Sylvia met and considered the viability of this approach; they couldn't come up with any reason why it wouldn't work.

    Given your post and a similar one recently on APUG, I'm glad to have hoarded the Champion-manufactured product!

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    Re: Xtol - torn packaging?

    Just test it on a single sheet of no import, and if it works then it works. Failed Xtol is still clear coloured!

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