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Thread: A Chemistry Issue

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    A Chemistry Issue

    Hello, folks. Ive asked some questions in this forum before and all the replies were very helpful. This time my question is about the the Instant Color Film FP-100C45 (4X5"). Does any one know what is the composition of its instant developer substance? Thank you in advance


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    A Chemistry Issue

    I don't know for sure, but since the instat films rely an a caustic jelly, it's reason to belive that the "developer" in fact is a activator acting in the same way as the caustic activator used in Agfachrome speed (1-bath "developer" color reversal paper), Kodak Ektaflex (color pos & neg. film + paper with 1 bath caustic activator), AGFA's professional Copycolor (caustic activtor, system like Kodak). All these were (all of them discontinued long time ago as I know about, Copycolor the last to leave) instant developing color reversal (kodak & copycolor also negative) processes for dark-room use, but adaptable for camera. I guess I am not the ony to have used ektaflex reversal films in 8"x10" camera... Thus: My guess is that the activator is packed in jelly-like substance for proper handeling outside darkroom, and that all developer-agents is incorporated in film/paper-sandwich as in all "-speed" paper processes.

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    A Chemistry Issue

    Thanks, Tor, for your answer. Would you know if is it possible to get this caustic jelly-like substance apart?

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