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Thread: Agfa 4x5 films

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    Agfa 4x5 films

    Hello, What can You say about Agfa BW negativ films for 4x5? Are there disadvantages in comparison with others? The price are lower then for Ilford or Kodak. I have tried Tmax400, Tri-X, and some Delta 400. Tri-X is very nice for me but about 60% more expencive then Agfa. T-Max also more expencive and needs more careful treatment. Ilford 4x5 films are rare in my region (Germany/Russia). So I am going to use Agfa in all future, mostly for portrets. Which developer will be the best for grain/speed/price? Best Wishes. Sergey.

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    Agfa 4x5 films

    I use APX 100 exclusively in 8x10 and like it a great deal. It is forgiving and easy to work with and a wonderful emulsion. I have used Rodinal at 1:25 and D-76. The Rodinal gives it a different look which I like and am trying to get to understand better.

    It leaves nothing to desire. Another emulsion that is about the same price is Freestyle's Arista which comes in 125 and 400 speed, in both 4x5 and 8x10. It is said to be Ilford's FP and HP emulsions and I have used both of them also with very good results. You can find them at and I am sure they ship internationally, although you may end up losing in shipping whatever you gain in price.

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    Agfa 4x5 films

    The APX100 available today is a re formulated and improved emulsion from AGFA. The tonal ranges have been expanded and the grain improved. This film is very well suited for LF landscape work and I use it in 4x5 and also 35mm with my Widelux. I use HC110B for the 4x5 and XTOL with the 35mm films. Eventually I will use XTOL when I finish my bottle of HC110. You will not be disappointed with this film.

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