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Thread: Where to sell on LFP?

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    Where to sell on LFP?

    I apologize, but I'm a bit of a n00b to the forum - but long time LF shooter. Before I go posting some place I'll get spammed on - which forum directory is the most approriate to list camera equiptment for sale?

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    Re: Where to sell on LFP?

    From the FAQ (with some highlighting):

    Classifieds (for sale or wanted ads) should only be posted in the "For Sale/Wanted" sub-forum, which is open only to those who have been members for 30 days or more. Classified ads are limited to the personal photographic equipment, photography books, and prints of registered users. Posts by dealers are not allowed. The sales price must be clearly stated in the original post. Auctions are not permitted, nor are announcements, pointers or links to items for sale at other web sites or points of sale. They are prohibited and will be deleted without notice. Please prefix all post titles to indicate intent: "WTB", "FS" , "FT" (for trade), etc. Use of the "For Sale/Wanted" section is completely at your own risk. Readers of "For Sale" posts should refrain from intruding on the thread by making negative comments about the item or the price being requested. Doing so is rude, and thus in violation of general forum guidelines.

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    Re: Where to sell on LFP?

    Welcome to the forum. If you still shoot LF, we have image sharing, technical discussions, etc.

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