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Thread: troubleshooting Beseler Dichro 45 Computerized Colorhead

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    Re: troubleshooting Beseler Dichro 45 Computerized Colorhead

    Hi Jrussell,
    Did you get your head up and running with the new socket? I bought 2 funky Dichro 45 and I'm hoping to make 1 good one. If I can't get the electronics to work I was thinking about pulling the electronics and re wiring it with some kind of power supply and manual labeling of the color filters. Anyone ever done that? How did the labeling/calibrating of the filters work out? Any suggestions on a stabilized 82v power supply? Somewhere I read about someone using a light dimmer. Hmm.

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    Re: troubleshooting Beseler Dichro 45 Computerized Colorhead

    I've had those bulbs look like they have a good filament, but fail to light, check it with a new bulb too.
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    Beseler Dichro 45 4x5 Diffusion Chamber

    I recently purchased a lot of darkroom equipment to round out my own set up. I mostly wanted the Beseler 45mx enlarger. It came with two Dichro 45 heads and two, new in box, diffusion chambers: a 4x5 and a 6x9. I wasn't going to use the Dichros, so I put the diffusion chambers up on the Bay and was as clear as I knew how to be about what I was selling. Now, the buyer is complaining that the 4x5 chamber is missing the "adapter" and/or the condenser adapter. I have looked all over for what adapter came with the original replacement diffusion chamber. It was still in the original box, but there wasn't room for any adapter. Anyone know what the "adapter" was or looks like. It may be in with the piles of stuff that I bought, but I have no idea about these items. I'm throwing myself to the mercy of my fellow photographers.

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