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Thread: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

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    One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    Well, I am now in a pickle... I have small tripods, I have large tripods. I'd like ONE.

    I am now using a Bogen 3236, it's massively heavy!

    I am shooting with a Wista 45DXII and am looking to purchase a modern 8x10 in the future. I'd like to consolidate and purchase a tripod with a future camera in mind.

    The modern cameras I am looking at are the Ritter 8x10 and Chamonix models, both come in at 6.5 and 8.5lbs respectively. I think with that lightweight of a set up I think I could make one tripod fit both.

    Do you have any suggestions.


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    Re: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    Sure: Give it a try.

    One of the joys of photography is collecting tripods and heads.
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    You usually need small & large tripods. There could be circumstances when you'll be out with the 5x4 and need a smaller light-weight tripod, particularly if back-packing.

    My larger tripods Slik and Manfrotto are quite capable of holding my Agfa Ansco 10x8 cameras and are reasonably portable, however I have a small Slik Sprint which fits inside a small backpack which I use when out with my Super Graphic particularly in areas where I might not be able to use a tripod.


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    Re: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    Ian, my issue now is shooting at eye level. I have a real small Gitzo from way back in the day whose legs are shot so I can only shoot on the first level. Size and weight isn't a huge deal since I'm used to a 20 lb tripod.

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    Re: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    Ries J Series. If you are considering wood as an option. Plenty of words posted about wood vs metal vs carbon fiber, so I'll give that a rest. At 8 pounds, I do not know how that compares with your 3236. The H Series is basically the same pod but a smaller crown (2" instead of 4.25' dia).

    I have the A100, great for heavier 8x10's and larger, so I think the J100 might be a better fit for the lighter 4x5 and the lighter weight 8x10's.
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    Re: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    One Tripod? Heresy!!!

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    Re: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    Lol limited funds boys and girls, need one to make up for all the rest!

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    One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    Pref a lighter metal! Carbon is nice but I think gitzo carbon is a tad outside the budget

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    Re: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    I'm using a Gitzo 5541LS Carbon with RRS BH55
    Ball head.
    Very stable but also not very compact or ultraleightweight ...
    I'm using it as a walking stick :-)

    For 8x10 use I prefer a 3-way pan/tilt like gitzo g1570.


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    Re: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    I use a Ries J100, like Vaughn recommends, with my 8.7 pound Wehman 8x10. It works great!

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