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Thread: Marts 2014 portraits

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    Re: Marts 2014 portraits

    Ilford 5+
    Rodinol 25/1 @ 6 minutes
    Graphic View Camera

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    Re: Marts 2014 portraits


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    Re: Marts 2014 portraits

    Quote Originally Posted by RHITMrB View Post
    I missed focus on a bunch of my shots - I need a lot more practice at this! Very different from my normal landscapes.

    or an assistant

    what I do when I carefully set focus while an assistant holds a string that is tied at one end to the tripod, to right where focus is on the subject...

    they they now.. mark the string or put a clamp on it at that point

    then..from then on in..I don't focus.. I get the model to move until they are at 'string focus'.. and when the model is posed and in focus..the assistant gets out of the way and I trip the shutter

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    Re: Marts 2014 portraits

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramiro Elena View Post
    I try to introduce large format whenever I can at work. Here's one special occasion, the Takacs' girls reunited all the family flown from Hungary, Holland and the USA and I offered to do at least a couple shots with the Eastman View No2 8x10.

    Efke100 developed in Tanol
    Schneider Xenar 300mm at f8
    A fantastic group portrait, love it :-)

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    Re: Marts 2014 portraits


    Outstanding. This is a beautiful family portrait. Great job!
    Best regards,


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    Bulk Portraits! 110 at a time.

    tonopah high school! marts 24 2014

    Sure, it ain't perfect, but it's ballsy setting up a #10 Cirkut Camera to do a school portrait

    I told them, if ya want perfect, get somebody with a digital Nikon

    Too bad I didn't know I'd boogered the film with a leak (through 3 layers on the roll). I had a ton to spare if I'd realized it. L&L

    24" component on a Turner Reich full plate lens. Film is Kodak Panatomic X Aerial Recon (thanks Hugo)

    Bigger size is here.. Looks like LFForum got some software that limits widths on stuff that's stored elsewhere.

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    Re: Marts 2014 portraits

    I'm looking for some criticism/feedback/advice. Does taking photos of people in LF ever become easy?
    Lighting is a hotlight in a softbox to the left, and a reflector to the right, but it really doesn't do it for me. This was shot at 5.6 1/15 I think. So I'm thinking a smaller aperture would help the focusing side of things (had some front tilt to get the lower portion out of focus).

    Any pointers is greatly appreciated, composition, lighting, camera, everything. This photo has a lot of potential but I feel it's lacking in just about every department. Excuse the dirty negative, my coathanger dryer gave way and it fell on the ground. Also my developing is shite, I seem to get real hit & miss results with stand development. (HP5+ in R09 1:100 1 hour)

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    Re: Bulk Portraits! 110 at a time.

    Good try Jim, life ain't perfect.
    You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. ~ Mark Twain

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    Re: Marts 2014 portraits

    Alex, if you want consistent results, lose the stand development. There's a reason that time + temperature was the way it was done for 100 years or so in the period when photographers had to be sure they were going to get something or lose a customer.

    I like the picture; it's not as bad as you think. As a general rule, it's a good idea to keep people away from backgrounds--I think you'd like the picture better from a couple of angles if you'd done that. The background would have been darker, and it would have been less visible and intrusive. Just mask it out with your hands on the screen, and you can see things get immediately better.
    Thanks, but I'd rather just watch:
    Large format:
    Mostly 35mm:
    You want digital, color, etc?:

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    Re: Marts 2014 portraits

    Quote Originally Posted by gandolfi View Post
    It's Marts...

    AND I have just made my first image in ages....

    A simple portrait of Maj - Bromoil Print - cropped 13x18 neg.

    I really love your Bromoil technique. Will you make a follow up on your book?
    Are you gonna reuse the model in the may portraits thread?
    Best regards
    Søren Nielsen

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