I am celebrating my 30th year as a professional photographer by offering yet another Free Workshop / Gettogether!

It will happen in November, which will be here before you know it! Participants from Southern and Northern California, Utah and Canada have signed up so far!

Come for a the weekend or stay for the whole 6 days! It will be great. You will have the opportunity to meet other serious photographers like yourself without blowing your savings (BUY FILM INSTEAD!). And you will be surrounded by some of the most incredible landscape on Earth!

We will cover view camera technique, zone system, pre-exposure to control contrast levels, pyro processing, Jobo versus tray processing, image content, analysis of form, marketing of your work, etc... Zion is on the Kaibab Plateau and is close to Bryce Canyon and several incredible areas in Southern Utah. You can cross over the Grand Canyon and visit Monument Valley - although that is a bit of a drive.

Email me : volquartz@volquartz.com

Website: http://www.volquartz.com/pervolquartz