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Thread: Getty Images

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    Getty Images

    I have just be invited by flicker editor to join getty registration was relatively easy aside a lot of Tax questions... long story short there is a real pain with model and property releases. they dont accept personal forms so i need to chase all the people and get them to sign form that Getty prefers. on top of that i need to obtain one release for every image by the same model so lets say i have a model that i have in more of 30 shots, well i need 30 different papers... now going back several years its a lot of paper work! also it will be additional cost to me because i will have to pay lunches and spend a lot of time meeting models that i didnt see in years. my question is is it worth? did anyone dealts wit GettyImages before? what i cant find some sort of tariff, some price range to see if its worth of trouble or not. i have several friends who are making good money on similar sites like iStock and Stocksy but most of them are shooting things not people and no one can give me advice about this guys.
    any help would be much appreciated

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    Re: Getty Images

    Dakotah speaks truth.


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    Re: Getty Images

    Avoid getty.

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    Re: Getty Images

    I shot for Getty for years. First when Major League Baseball rolled into digital and Getty picked up the rights to the files. Then the same thing happened with NFL Images (first they went to Wireimage and then Getty). So my images are specific people, in uniform, in game action. I make about $100 a year off the images now. It was good for a few years, 10 years ago but stock is over. I shot for Major League Baseball for 17 years.
    You'll get your statements and you'll see sales for $3-4 sometimes less. Sometimes I keep my statements to show people when I do talks.

    Eventually I switched my more current work to the Canadian Press, which is connected with the AP stock files. Again it is specific people, mostly NHL images. I did $100ish a month with them when the files were current but since I haven't shot NHL for three years the sales have dropped down to about $10-$12 a month.

    Both groups asked me if I would digitalize the NFL/MLB/NHL files I have that are still Kodachrome. I figured it would take 6-8 months to do all the files and result in a few hundred dollars worth of sale lifetime. So I passed.

    Your mileage my differ.

    -Rob Skeoch

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    Re: Getty Images

    The evil empire.....

    at age 70:
    "The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep"

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    Re: Getty Images

    Quote Originally Posted by cikaziva View Post
    i have several friends who are making good money on similar sites like iStock and Stocksy but most of them are shooting things not people and no one can give me advice about this guys.
    I rep my own stock and have for years. I was approached by Getty over 12 years ago three times in two years to join because frankly I had stuff they needed and I was taking a lot of high dollar local sales away from them. I declined.

    I *highly* doubt your friends are really making any money off of these so called agencies and iStock is owned by Getty by the way, Flickr by Yahoo who is also big on seeing copyright go away.

    The more images that crooks like Getty lock up in their collections, the less competition from innovative self repping individuals they have to deal with.....seriously. They do NOT in any way care about you or your work, they only care about amassing content in order to both broker huge deals with entities like Google and to lock up bodies of work that will be potential competition for what stock sales there are left to be had.

    The Getty / Flickr deal came about to prevent another stock start up from coming in and creating a stock business model. It was also implemented to prevent the photographers themselves ( photo enthusiasts really ) from selling stock on their own, either case creating more competition for Getty.

    This is the reality of it, Getty is simply bad business for creative people.

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    Re: Getty Images

    I entirely agree with Kodachrome25. I have no personal experience with Getty (like most savvy professionals these days, I prefer to license directly), however a friend of mine indicated that his returns from Getty have declined steadily and reached the point where it's not worth it.

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    Re: Getty Images

    Hey Folks, thanks for your input. i did my research also and everyone is saying a same thing: they are bold suckers and its not worth. if it walks like a duck and it talks lime a duck... now is Stocksy any better? thanks for your input i really appreciate this

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    Re: Getty Images

    Any photo agency is on a par, ethically speaking, with used carpet salesmen; both are to be avoided at all costs.

    Even in the "good old days" I was getting ripped off left and right by some very "prestigious" agencies, who at least had the sense to send me a decent cheque every few months.

    These days, it's just disrespectful bottom-feeding.

    A photo agency is part of the problem, not the solution.

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    Re: Getty Images

    Any port in a storm...just saying.


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