I think you are correctly stating this, Like any other business you have to pay attention. In weddings and portraiture you can make the most money. But you have to be a people person, you have to be able to offer two things quick service and something artistic that is unique. I really tire quickly of the latest greatest stuff shown in magzines because it does not last and to do something unique requires thought not copying other peoples style. I think I could probably make millions of dollars doing weddings, "IF" I did not care about the reasons I went in to photo -Fine Art- and publications. I 've always wanted to travel and do travel photography. A fellow photgrapher who's work I like stated to me do the portraiture not everyone can do that well and I do per his asessment, but you know just following dollars is not where my heart is at- I would rather weld

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Don't be sad, there are some really successful portrait and fine art photographers out there. I bet there are more nuances as to why your friend had to close shop that are not being touched upon....snip other good stuff