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Thread: Bellows for Toyo Super Graphic?

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    Question Bellows for Toyo Super Graphic?


    I just noticed that the bellows on my Toyo Super Graphic are starting to get small pinholes when the bellows extend to a certain point. Luckily I haven't experienced any light leaks yet but realize I need to get replacement bellows so I don't gamble with future negatives. I was wondering where can I find some new bellows for my Toyo Super Graphic in the US?
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    Re: Bellows for Toyo Super Graphic?

    Fred Lustig in Reno, Nevada probably has one for you. He's in the phone book. No web site.

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    Re: Bellows for Toyo Super Graphic?

    There are some on eBay right now.
    I think they come from China.
    I have no idea of the quality or ever used one from eBay.

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    Re: Bellows for Toyo Super Graphic?

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    Re: Bellows for Toyo Super Graphic?

    Fred Lustig has NOS, genuine Graflex. Remember, the Toyo Super Graphic is the same as a Graflex. Give him a call.

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    Re: Bellows for Toyo Super Graphic?

    Thanks for all the responses! I'll try contacting Fred Lustig

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    Re: Bellows for Toyo Super Graphic?

    The biggest problem, and I could not resolve it, was finding someone to make the bellows to include the three foil ribbons folded into the pleats of the bellows to transfer the "juice" from the red button on the side of the camera and trigger the solenoid in the front standard to snap the shutter. This is one of the critical functions for "hand holding" the Super Graphic/Toyo Super Graphic (nearly the same camera until you talk with Fred). You can switch to a cable release, but that would be a little fiddly to try to hand hold.

    I found a guy in Hawaii, who was going to build me one, but he disappeared with my money. He had a good rep on bellows, but a bad rep for "flakey" I found out after the fact. He knew all about the circuits folded into the bellows. The chinese bellows on eBay do NOT have the wiring inside the bellows folds. Ask me how I know??? I have one for sale but has no frames on either end, nor wiring in the folds.

    I found my last Super Graphic bellows just about three years ago from Fred Lustig. Nice Man. He did not have NOS, but rather good used. I bought it, and had him install it. good turnaround and good light tight condition.

    Fred is only contactable by telephone. Often his wife answers and takes a message, inferring he still has a shop. Fred was out of the biz for a while, but went back to it when his health returned (common knowledge), and I last talked to him a couple of years ago. In the phone directory in Reno under Fred Lustig.

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