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Thread: Sturdy 4x5?

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    Re: Sturdy 4x5?

    If the Korona is in good condition and all movements lock down tight, it will do the job. My wife used to use one with my 12 " Velostigmat, and a projection Petzval.

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    Re: Sturdy 4x5?

    It's all relative. Being an older thread, it is all a hypothetical discussion by now. One might have to potentially decide between studio and more portable usage, between monorail and flatbed designs, with neither kind necessarily being the correct answer, because there a plenty of flimsy wooden as well as metal cameras, in contrast to more solid designs in both categories too. It's also all related to the amount of extension, the rigidity of the front standard, and the weight of the lens at the front end. I lean toward longer lenses, yet am an outdoorsman, so employ monorails as well as folders which combine relatively light overall weight with excellent rigidity. Just having a heavier camera does not necessarily mean it's going to be more vibration-prone. It all depends on the specific design and quality of construction. In a monorail, the best compromise between weight and functional rigidity that I have is the Sinar Norma. In flatbeds, I've chosen an Ebony 4x5 and Phillips 8x10 for the same reason. There are numerous other good candidates, but I can't afford one of each!

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    Re: Sturdy 4x5?

    It's hard to go wrong with a Norma for this kind of thing. It even looks the part for holding large lenses.

    Consider customizing a 6" base rail as I did in the following thread. It makes it easier to carry in the field.

    This thread talks about 8x10. But, the last post shows the same customized base rail without the long end cap on a Sinar 4x5. Instead, one can make a short, flat end cap out of a short piece of dowel and a wooden, 1.5" disk.

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