I've been thinking about newletters ltely. I used to subscribe to the Zone VI newlestter a long time ago and having just gotten back into photography and LF, I was wondering if there was a newletter that would be helpful to me. I have experience in taking photos and developing film, but the large format thing is fairly new. In an effort to help understand the format and improve technique, can anyone recomend more reading material?

I uinderstand that a lot of you are going to suggest that getting out and taking pictures is the best way to learn, but I'm looking for more than that. I have a decebnt eye (or so I'm told), I understand the basics of the zone system (although a refresher would be good - I'll have to dig out the books I have buried and re-read them) and camera movements. What I would like is some real world stoires, some tips and hints that might be a long time coming without a mentor.

Thnaks Dan