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Thread: Kodak 8 x 20 Order

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    Kodak 8 x 20 Order

    Hi All,

    I saw the following announcement from Keith Canham:

    K. B. Canham Cameras, Inc.
    I am putting together an order for Kodak T-Max 400 8x20 (A beautiful ULF size). I have a person who has agreed to order enough to make this happen. I have great news. This afternoon I received pricing from Kodak Alaris and it is lower than 6 months ago. Contact me if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to purchase any number of boxes that you need (ten sheet boxes). Please spread the word so that no one misses out on this.

    Keith as allowed me to post this for the benefit of our ULF shooters.

    Moderators ... please move if not appropriate for posting in the Resources area.


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    Re: Kodak 8 x 20 Order

    This is potentially good news to me. I'm considering the sale of my Wisner 8x20 due to the high coat of film and the difficulty involved in obtaining it. Could you please give me an idea of the cost of this film and the timing of its delivery. Thanks for your time.

    Matt Chmielarczyk
    Colorado Springs, CO

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    Re: Kodak 8 x 20 Order

    Have you try using Orthochromatic film


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